There are two things that give me perpetual feels: Supernatural (specifically Destiel) and music (typically classic rock). That's pretty much what you'll find here. Don't say I didn't warn you.


About the wall paper mystery, here is photo evidence speculation on why Gabriel is coming back. And if he is, that also fits with that Adam Glass tweet about 8X20.


This shape appears all throughout Hammer of the Gods.  We see it everywhere in As Time goes by as well.


But this is my favorite. It appears in Mystery Spot and Changing Channels as well as 8X01 and 8X07.  It is obviously a set piece purposefully placed in Mystery Spot, Changing Channels and a Little Slice of Kevin as it always appears in front of the doors.


Notice the flower pattern in the top photos.  Actually, a Little Slice of Kevin is the episode I first thought something was up with the wall paper.  It was just too over the top retro and instantly made me thing of Changing Channels.

But the pattern doesn’t end in wall paper.  LOOK AT THAT BEDDING!!!!  In fact, the bedding also contains clues. Often their bedding is of extremely geometric shapes reminiscent of the shapes associated with Gabriel episodes.  A circle pattern in 8X07, squares in in 8X08 (I think, or 8x11). I’ll have to look for more.

But wait!


The wall paper in the Sam’s flashbacks are often plaid just like in Torn and Frayed.  And look at the bottom 2.  Maybe this is just the same room/a mistake?  But given how they have attempted to use wall paper to give us clues this would be one weird mistake.

None of it is real!!!! Gabriel is a mastermind!!!!

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